On Friday, 20-year-old Ahmad Maher Abu Tu’eimah from southern Gaza died after falling into a tunnel, near Salah El-Deen gate in Rafah.According to Gaza medical services spokesman, Adham Abu Silmiyya, medical personnel found the body of the young man near the entrance to the tunnel. He was taken to Abu Yousef An-Nijar hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The tunnels under the border between Gaza and Egypt have provided a lifeline to residents of the Gaza Strip since Israel imposed a siege preventing imports and exports four years ago.

However, in 2009 the Egyptian and Israeli authorities began a joint campaign to destroy the tunnels. The Egyptian authorities claimed that the decision was made in order to prevent weapons smuggling, but Palestinians in Gaza claim that the Israeli government pressured Egypt to assist the Israeli military in destroying the one lifeline available to Palestinians in Gaza.