On Friday, at least 15 civilians were injured and three homes were burned by the Israeli military during the weekly anti wall protest in the village of Nabi Saleh in West Bank, according to reporters on the scene with PNN (Palestinian News Agency).Dozens of local residents, along with Israeli and international supporters held a march on village land that was confiscated by the Israeli military to construct the Annexation Wall.

As soon as they reached the area of construction, soldiers fired rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas at them. The people were unable to escape the barrage of gas and rubber-coated steel bullets, and 15 were injured. One of the civilians injured is in critical condition, according to the PNN reporter on the scene.

The tear gas also reached residents’ homes, burning three of them. In addition, soldiers invaded the village and took control of a Palestinian home. They told the owner of the home that they plan to use it as a military post for the next 45 days.