On Friday midnight, a group of extremist settlers hurled stones at students dorms, at the Academics College of Safad, in the Galilee.The Arab students resisted the extremists until the arrival of the Israeli Police to the scene. The police made no arrests and no injuries were reported.

This is the tenth reported attack carried out by fundamentalist Jews who are trying to force the Arab student out of area.

Recently, Chief Rabbi of Safad asked Jews not to rent or sell apartments to Arabs.

Jewish clerics also held an emergency conference to discuss plans that reduce the ‘risk’ of Arabs presence in the Galilee; the conference was proceeded by several meetings on the same topic.

During the conference which was held under the banner ”Quiet war: Combating Assimilation in the Holy City of Safad’, Safad chief Rabbi, Shmuel Elyahu asked Jews not to rent apartments to Arab students ‘in order to ‘keep Safad clean’.

Elyahu added that Jews who sell or rent to an Arab, must distance themselves from other Jews, and that the Jewish community should refrain from doing business with them,deny him the right to read from the Torah and ostracize them until ‘they retract their harmful deed’, according to Elyahu.

The rabbi attacked the Israeli government for its plan to build a ‘Nursing School” in Safad, as he believes that the vast majority would be Arab students.

Arab member of Knesset, Dr. Ahmad Tibi, asked the legal adviser of the Israeli government to question Elyahu and prosecute him.