A group of fundamentalist Jewish settlers attacked on Saturday a group of nonviolent protestors who demanded Israel to reopen the Al Shuhada Street, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. The settlers hurled stones at the protestors and sprayed them with waste-water. The Youth Coalition Against settlements organizes weekly protests against the occupation and settlements while dozens of Israeli and international peace activists also participate in these protests.

On Saturday, the protestors, accompanied by delegates of a French solidarity group that includes mayors and officials, held their nonviolent protest and carried signs in English, French, Arabic and Hebrew, calling on Israel to open the Al Shuhada street and to remove the settlers.

They also demanded freedom of movement to all resident especially since Israel designates certain areas in Hebron as “Jewish only”.

As the protestors marched in the Old City of Hebron, settlers of the Avraham Avino illegal colony attacked the protestors by hurling stones at them and by spraying them with waste-water.

The settlement is located in the Vegetables Market that was taken over by the settlers and the army since 1994 and became a “no entry” zone to the Palestinians.

The protestors also marched towards a gate installed by the army to seal one of the roads that lead to Al Shuhada street, near Khan Shahin area, and demanded Israel to open all closed roads and to lift the illegal restrictions on the freedom of movement of the local Palestinians.

The head of the French organization stated that by touring in Hebron, he and his comrades, managed to observe the high price the Palestinians are paying due to the existence of settlements and the occupation.