Security sources reported that the Israeli military invaded, on Monday morning, several houses in Hebron.Israeli soldiers broke into the houses of Basam Ayyoub, 25 years old, and Baha’ Basal,18, in the region of Abu Aktela, in the center of Hebron, and handed them an order to appear at the nearest police station for questioning.

Also, Israeli troops broke into the house of Ismael abu Rabe’, in al-Fawar refugee camp, southwest of Hebron, and searched it’s contents.

Furthermore, Israeli soldiers invaded the towns of al-Samou’, Halhoul, Ethna, al-Dahiriya, Doura, Nouba, al-Shoyoukh; installed checkpoints; conducted inspections of Palestinian’s vehicles and checked the identities of passengers.

In related news, undercover Israeli army personnel, along with Israeli soldiers abducted, on Sunday evening, a student from Hebron university and lead him to undisclosed destination.