The Higher National Committee for Supporting the Detainees reported that Israeli soldiers, members of the Mitzada Unit at the Nafha detention center, broke on Tuesday at dawn into the detention facility and searched section 13 after forcing the detainees out of their beds and rooms. Committee Media Director, Riyadh Al Ashqar, stated that the attack took place at four at dawn while the detainees were still sleeping, and that the soldiers violently woke the detainees up and forced them out of their rooms.

Soldiers then searched the rooms, and also searched the detainees who were rounded at the prison yard. The soldiers caused damage to the detainees’ property while ransacking their rooms.

Al Ashqar added that the soldiers damaged the walls of room number 64 after claiming that the detainees are hiding mobile phones that were smuggled into the prison compound.

He said that this is not the first time soldiers demolish walls on detainees rooms, especially in Nafha as the soldiers previously broke into rooms number 9 and 12 and placed the detainees in cells before demolishing two walls, removing the floor tiles and damaging the toilets.

The soldiers also claimed that the detainees are hiding mobile phones in their rooms but failed to locate any.

The Committee called on international human rights groups, especially the Red Cross, to intervene and protect the detainees as they are facing ongoing abuse and violations.

It also called for forming an international committee “to investigate crimes committed by the occupation against the detainees”.