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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle EAST Media Center,, for Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

On Tuesday, posters appeared all over Safed denouncing an 89-year old Jewish man for renting an apartment to three Palestinian residents of Israel studying at Safed College. The elderly owner is the latest target of an organized campaign aimed to rid the Israeli town of Palestinian-Israelis, which has been carried out by the youth as well as by the town’s leadership.

In East Jerusalem, spokesman for the Israeli police Shmulik Ben Ruby, reportedly said that Israel was to place under house arrest stone-throwing children from Silwan.

The police have been targeting the young protesters rejecting Tel Aviv’s plans to take over 22 Arab-residing homes in the Arab neighborhood for construction of an ‘archeological park’.

On Wednesday, the Israeli army detained four brothers in the village of Kor, south of Tulkarem. Detention was accompanied by invasion, house searching, and firing of grenades and artillery at 3:30 am.The detainees are Haseeb, Ahmad, Shadi, and Fadi Gayosee.

Israeli Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar, proposed a plan to introduce a ‘new code of ethics’ aimed to encourage teaching of Zionism. While noting that the code should not exceed the limits of academic freedom, Sa’ar claimed that this freedom should not include the lecturers’ right to advocate boycott of Israel, academic or not. Several university presidents expressed their disappointment.

Hamas officials and witnesses announced that one Palestinian, identified as Mohammed Jamaal-Nimim, was killed and several others were wounded in a car explosion in Gaza City.

Civil defense officials claimed that an Israeli drone targeting the car was behind the blast while Israel Radio said the incident may have resulted from the premature detonation of a car bomb.

In Tuesday’s US midterm elections, the Republicans won with a majority in the House of Representatives. Many Palestinian officials expect little effect on the question of Palestine in the peace process. Republicans are expected to influence the Obama administration to be easier on Israel.

On Wednesday, British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, met a group of Palestinian non-violent resistance activists in the city of Ramallah. During the meeting, Hague appreciated the importance of non-violent actions. Hague’s visit to the region to meet Israeli and Palestinian leaders has caused some controversy in Israel, due to the fact that British law has arrest warrants against some Israeli leaders because of war crimes against Palestinians.

Also on Wednesday, a political survey was published by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion and stated that the 56.1% of the respondents opposed to resuming direct peace talks with the Israeli government, mainly because the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem continues. The respondents, all of them adult Palestinians, were from the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

The Israeli authorities banned the Muslim call to prayer at Hebron’s Al-Ibrahimi Mosque for 54 times, during the month of October, the Middle East Monitor reported. The ban was reportedly imposed on the pretext of disturbing settlers celebrating Jewish festivities.

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