Islamist students at an-Najah University, in the city of Nablus, have announced that they will boycott the Student Council election after the PA security forces arrested several supporters, according to local sources. In a statement issued on 3rd November, the Islamists said: ‘The security apparatuses in the West Bank [insist] on diverting our university from its role in graduating generations ready to resist the Occupier and preserve Palestinian fundamentals. They do so by imposing a state of terror, by marginalising the other, and by banning freedom. Warning bells are ringing for the whole Palestinian national movement… to get back to resisting the Occupation and those who support it.’

The Islamist group called upon other students and human rights organisations to support their action, accusing the Fatah-controlled PA of a series of arrests, terror and intimidation, and undermining the efforts at national reconciliation.