Hamas political leader, Usama Hamdan, stated that the Tuesday meeting in Damascus between the Palestinian factions will not resolve all issues regarding internal reconciliation and the security file, but will set foundations for solutions appeasing the Palestinian people. On Monday evening, Hamdan told the al-Quds Satellite News Agency that Hamas will seek an understanding, and present its own vision, but added that he does not think a solution to the obstructed internal unity talks will be reached soon.

“We will act on finding the basis for a solution that is agreeable to all factions”, Hamdan said, “but we still do not believe that Tuesday’s meeting will resolve all security-related issues”.

He also added that some of the demands of Hamas include forming a higher committee that would be in charge of policies and practices on the ground.

The Hamas leader further added that reform should be conducted among the security devices, and that the Palestinian security forces should only receive their orders directly from the government.

“We want security forces that obey and implement the law,” Hamdan stated. “We don’t want security forces that act according to their own desires and interests”.

In addition, Hamdan noted that Palestinian reconciliation means enforcing a united front that acts on implementing the Palestinian national interests, and countering all external pressures.

“Oslo agreements and the deals that followed have proved their failure”, Hamdan said. “It is time for follow the correct path, the path of resistance until liberation”.

He concluded that the Palestinian security forces under Hamas in Gaza, believe in one mission: countering and resisting the occupation.