Sharon District Police Chief, Brigadier-General Shimon Shomroni, refused to authorize a request by Israeli right-wing students to protest outside the house of Military Advocate General Avichai Mandelbilt, PNN said.The right-wing activists planned to hold a protest outside the house of Mandelbilt, who recently played a part in the decision to indict Israeli forces for the abuse of a nine-year old Palestinian boy. The Military was reported to have filed indictments against two Israeli soldiers, charged with asking the Palestinian child to open bags that were suspected to contain explosives.

Permission to protest was initially granted to the students by Petah Tikva police, and signed by far right activist Baruch Marzel’s son-in-law. The decision was, however, reversed by Sharon’s District Police Chief Shomroni. Based on the attorney general’s guideline, it is forbidden to protest outside homes of public servants, police sources reported.

Since the incident, posters and graffiti have been found on the wall outside Mandelbilt’s house saying “traitor”.