The Jerusalem Municipality is weighing plans for the construction of 130 units in the areas located between Beit Safafa and Gilo settlement in occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli sources reported. The idea started after a proposal was submitted for the construction of a hotel that includes 130 separate units in Gilo.

Israeli daily, Yedioth Aharonoth, reported that the project was initiated by a private investor. It includes the construction of three eleven-story apartment buildings.

The Jerusalem Municipality said that the owner of the land is asking to be allowed to use it for housing projects instead of being part of the hotel industry.

Jerusalem city council member, Yosef Alalu, a member of Meretz movement, slammed the plan and stated that its timing is not a coincidence.

Alalu stated that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, fear holding talks with the Palestinians, and instead resort to “playing small games to obstruct peace talks”.

On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, vowed to find a way to push the peace process forwards.

On his side, Netanyahu claimed that he is serious in achieving peace with the Palestinians, and demanded more Arab countries to be involved in the peace process.