Clashes have occurred at the University of Haifa between students and police, following the arrival of Haneen Zoabi, MK of the Balad party.Zoabi was scheduled to speak at the university at an event organized by a Balad student group, but Zoabi claims university administrators decided to ban the event under the pretense of security concerns; a move that Zoabi labelled as “Shin Bet tactics”. The university responded, claiming that no such ban was issued.

The clashes began when students of the Im Tirtzu movement attempted to prevent Zoabi from speaking, chanting “terrorist” at her, in reference to her participation in the humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza, on May 31, that resulted in the deaths of nine Turkish activists, and singing the Israeli national anthem.

Zoabi had gone to the university as all Members of Knesset are entitled, by law, to enter any public space, unless the institution pertains to national security.