The Israeli military raided the home of a Hamas official, allegedly a finance official of the Hamas movement in the West Bank, the Maan News Agency reported Monday.The man was identified as Ali Dadu, a resident of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem who works as a carpet dealer. He was kidnapped on June 28, along with his son Dia’, and on Tuesday the army broke into his home and seized property that totals to a $1.5 Million, Israeli Ynet News Reported.

Following his arrest, Dadu was convicted by an Israeli military court in the occupied West Bank, and was sentenced to nine months imprisonment, twelve months probation, and a fine of NIS 15,000 (approximately $4,000).

The Maan News Agency reported that soldiers broke into the company and its main warehouse shortly after midnight Tuesday and also broke into his home to kidnap his sons Bara’ and Dia’.

The two sons were released after the army took them to the company and the warehouse where soldiers confiscated the company’s truck, a car, and a forklift.

The soldiers then confiscated machines and whatever they could find in the company and the warehouse, including files that included photocopies of checks, computers and computer screens.

Bara’ said that a person who speaks Arabic was with the soldiers and was acting as the “value estimator” as he directed the soldiers to the most valuable equipment and goods, and had them confiscate them.

He added that one of the military officers informed him that there is a court order obliging Al Dadu to pay Israel the amount of 650.000 USD or what equals this amount in property, yet the officer did not present any court order.