The Pal-Home news website reported, Wednesday, that senior Palestinian security sources announced the arrest of a cell, reportedly affiliated with the Hamas movement, and that cell members were planning to assassinate Nablus governor, and to conduct bombings. The sources added that the cell was planning to assassinate the governor, Lieutenant Jibril al-Bakri, in an attempt to destabilize the Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank.

Weapons and large sums of cash were seized during a raid conducted by the Palestinian security forces in Nablus.

The security forces in Nablus believe that the cell is directly connected with what was described as “coup leaders in Gaza”, and that cell members also planned to kidnap Israeli settlers in the West Bank in addition to bombings in Jerusalem “in an attempt to destabilize the situation”.

A security official said that a booby-trapped vehicle was also located in Nablus.