U.S. State Department Spokesperson, Philip J. Crowley, stated that Washington still believes that a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians is possible, but added that such a deal requires more than the allocated twelve months. On Wednesday night, Crowley told reporters in Washington that the U.S. Administration still believes peace is possible, and will do whatever it can to achieve it.

He said that a deal can be reached but it needs more than the already determined time-frame.

“If by next August, one year after the re-launching of peace talks, more time is still needed, we should consider this option”, Crowley said. “Both sides must have the time they need to be ready for a final deal”.

One of the current issues that remain a huge obstacle to peace talks is Israel’s ongoing settlement construction and expansion in the occupied territories, including in occupied East Jerusalem.

Israel also rejects the internationally guaranteed Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees, refuses to hold talks on main issue such as borders, natural resources and Palestinian sovereignty and control of their land.

Israel is trying to enforce the route of the Annexation Wall, routed deep into the Palestinian territories and enabling settlement construction and expansion, as the border of the future Palestinian state.