Israeli forces, at the Jubarah checkpoint south of Tulkarem, detonated on Tuesday three bags carrying live grenades, an Israeli security source told Ma’an News. Three young men from Nablus, waiting to pass through the military crossing of Jubarah, were found with the weapons in their bags. Palestinian security sources reported that the men were detained at the crossing.

The Jubarah checkpoint, situated along Israel’s separation wall and east of the Green Line, is a crossing between the West Bank and Israeli-controlled areas.

The three men were allegedly ordered to drop the bags, and were restrained. Israeli forces closed the checkpoint in both directions then gathered military engineers, who exploded the bags on site, officials explained.

The identity of the men detained has not been revealed, and sources said it was unclear what Israeli forces suspected was in the bags.

Several blasts were heard at noon, followed by a second round of explosions shortly after, eyewitnesses reported adding that they believed three workers had been stopped by while returning home from construction work in Israel.