The Research and Documentation Unit at the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights reported that a 4-year-old child was wounded two weeks ago after Israeli soldiers pushed her mother while carrying her on her way to a Jerusalem hospital.The incident took place at a military roadblock at the entrance of Shu’fat refugee camp, north of Jerusalem.

Randa Taha, a bearer of West Bank identity card, was trying to take her daughter, Amna, to the Hadassah Israeli hospital in Jerusalem to change her feeding tube but was stopped at the Shu’fat roadblock as the soldiers refused to allow her through.

Randa showed the soldiers official documents stating that she was heading to the hospital and that despite the fact that her child suffers development issues, the soldiers told her that she cannot cross through the roadblock.

One of the soldiers tried to tear the official document but Randa quickly snatched it from his hand and the soldier then pushed her despite the fact that she was carrying her daughter in a special baby carrier forcing it out of Randas’ hands.

The child’s head bumped into a pedestrian iron gate causing bruises that required hospitalization.