The Arabs48 News Website reported that Israeli soldiers demolished, on Thursday, ten structures in two areas in the occupied West Bank, mainly in a village in the northern area of the Jordan Valley. Most of the destruction was conducted in Yizra Village, in the northern area of the Jordan Valley as the army demolished a mosque, a room attached to it, and other structures, including stables used to house livestock.

Several months ago, the army handed the residents of Yizra military orders informing them that their buildings and structures will be demolished. The residents filed appeals in Israeli courts, yet, despite the fact that the courts have not reached a ruling yet, the army came along and demolished the structures.

The residents use the area as a grazing land for their livestock and for agriculture but the army claims that the area is a closed military zone and uses it for training.

Guy Anbar, Israeli Police Coordinator, told the France Press that the army demolished eight structures in Yizra village, and claimed that the structures were built without construction licenses as they are in a military shooting range.

Anbar claimed that the residents did not file appeals against the orders, and added that the “Civil Administration Office” running under the Israeli Military in the Occupied Territories, will continue what he described as “implementing construction laws in Judea and Samaria”, referring to the occupied West Bank.