Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, stated during a UN Speech marking the International Day for Solidarity with the Palestinians, that Israel’s settlements are a ticking time bomb that is capable of destroying the peace process at any given moment. November 29 became the official International Day for Solidarity with the Palestinians in 1977.

Meanwhile, UN Chief Ban Ki-moon stated there is a little sign of hope that peace between Israel and the Palestinians could be achieved soon.

The U.S. brokered talks hit another obstacle two months ago after Israel’s temporary settlement freeze had ended, and the Israeli government resumed its settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Palestinian President delivered a special message to the UN in which he said that the international community must address the deterioration in the peace process.
He added that Israel’s settlement activities must be stopped for the peace process to advance, “but settlement construction could destroy any progress reached during peace talks”, he added.

The statements of Abbas angered Israel’s UN envoy, Meron Reuben, described the UN debate as a “destructive rhetoric that is repeated each year”.

He added that Israel will only be able to achieve peace through direct bilateral talks and compromise.

The Palestinian Authority stated that it cannot hold talks with Israeli while it is ongoing with its violations, invasions and settlement activities.

On Monday, the United Nations’ General Assembly was holding its annual debate focusing on Israel’s settlement activities in occupied East Jerusalem and the occupied East Bank.

During the meeting, Ban urged Israel to halt its settlement activities and described them as a “serious blow to the credibility of the peace process”.

He added that the Palestinians must “fight terrorism, curb incitement and must continue the development of institutions of statehood”.