Five Palestinian workers were wounded, on Tuesday, in an area close to the border north of Gaza after the army opened fire at them. The incident followed a rapid succession of sniper attacks, Ma’an News reported.The attack took place when the men were reportedly gathering stone aggregates in the northern Gaza Strip, near the Israeli settlement of Eli Sinai, north of Beit Lahia. The injured were taken by Red Crescent ambulances that took them to Kamal Adwan Hospital in Jabalia.

According to medics, the five were first carried out from the area by donkey cart, as ambulances could not reach the area, until they were safely taken out of the ‘no-go-zone’ imposed by Israel.

The Palestinians are not allowed into the zone as the army believes attacks against nearby Israeli areas stem from there. The lands of this zone form about 20% of arable farm lands in the coastal strip.

With the latest injuries confirmed, the number of workers shot by Israeli forces went up to 12 in the last 48 hours.