A new technology known as ‘Windbreaker’ shielding will be deployed in tanks stationed along the Israel-Gaza border, announced an Israeli military spokesperson on Sunday.According to the website ‘Military Analysis’, “The system carries a price tag of $150,000-$200,000, permitting its advanced operational abilities to intercept a rocket before it can strike.”

The ‘Windbreaker’ system detects the heat of incoming shells, then fires a series of defeating particles to destroy the shells before they get near the tank. Israeli forces deployed along the border with Gaza will use the new system against shells fired by Palestinian resistance fighters across the border with Israel, most of which have no aiming capabilities and land on the Negev desert.

The technology is similar to a tank-shielding system known as ‘Trophy’, and is manufactured in only a few places in the world: Israel, the USW and Russia.

These ‘Windbreaker’ shield systems have been installed on dozens of Mark IV Merkava battle tanks used by the Israeli military in its regular invasions of the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces maintain a constant presence along the borders of the Gaza Strip to enforce the siege imposed by Israel to prevent Palestinians from exiting the Strip, and to prevent the entry of goods and services into the Strip.