The city of Nablus officially gets a Facebook profile, the PNN reported on Tuesday.The profile on the social network which counts over 500 million users,, is aimed to connect citizens with local news and encourage locals to post news events online as they see them.

The city’s profile has 49,000 “fans” and offers a directory for local movie times, a poll and a link to another local Nablus page,

The website is managed by a group of 22 people, including a photographer, technician, designer, and a number of students.

Hasan Qamhiyeh, a local architect aged 28, designed the Facebook page. He was initially posting photographs of his hometown on the site a few months ago. Later, he decided to create a page intended to invite local news agencies to find and write reports about Nablus, as well as foreigners to learn about the city: people, traditions, dialect, and its acclaimed local sweet ‘knafeh’.