The Israeli military abducted, on Monday morning, four Palestinians, three of whom were children, from the Hebron district in the West Bank.Security sources reported to Palestine News Agency ‘WAFA’ that the Israeli military raided Khirbat al-Tabaka in Doura, near Hebron, and abducted Raed abu Za’nouna, 29 years old.

The sources added that the Israeli soldiers invaded the towns of Halhoul, Ethna, Beit Ummar, Beit ‘Awa, Noba, al-Dahiriya, Deir Samat, al-Fawwar camp and several neighbourhoods in the city of Hebron, and erected barriers and checkpoints to conduct inspections of Palestinian citizen’s vehicles and checked the identities of passengers.

According to the spokesman for the Global Palestinian Solidarity Project, Muhammad Ayad Awad, the Israeli military invaded the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron; kidnapped ‘Ayish Awad, Rashid Awad, and Qasam abu Maria, all 16 years old, after invading and searching their houses.

In related news, the Israeli army handed orders to Palestinian citizens in Hebron, requiring them to meet with Israeli intelligence.The citizens were identified as Muhammad ‘Alkam, Muhammad al-Sharawna and Anwar Samamra.