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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, February 07 2011

On Sunday, three Gazan rock collectors were shot and injured by Israeli soldiers. These are not the first rock collectors shot by the IDF, as countless others have suffered from such attacks over the last two years in the ever expanding buffer zone. Originally 50 meters under the Oslo agreements, it was expanded to 150 meters in 2000, and then to 300 meters in January 2010.

The Israeli military abducted, on Monday morning, four Palestinians, three of whom were children, from the Hebron district in the West Bank. Israeli soldiers invaded the towns of Halhoul, Ethna, Beit Ummar, Beit ‘Awa, Noba, al-Dahiriya, Deir Samat, al-Fawwar camp and several neighborhoods’ in the city of Hebron, they erected barriers and checkpoints to conduct inspections of Palestinian citizen’s vehicles and checked the identities of passengers.

The Jerusalem Municipal Committee for Planning and Building have met, on Monday, to approve the construction of two buildings in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. These buildings will be for the exclusive use of Israeli settlers and will require the eviction of Palestinian families in the neighbourhood before construction can begin. During the meeting, Israelis from the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement protested, due to their expectations that the municipality would find in favor of the construction plans. Four Israelis were arrested.

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