Around 500 Palestinians along with international and Israeli supporters protested, on Friday, in the Old City in Hebron demanding the opening of Shuhada Street. The Israeli military has barred Palestinians from entering the street for over 10 years and only allows Israeli settlers access to it. As people reached Shuhada Street soldiers attacked and arrested ten persons, including a Palestinian journalist. Tear gas, sound bombs and rubber coated steel bullets were used against those protesting, and also affected residents of the area who were in their homes, resulting in large numbers of both protestors and residents suffering injury from the soldier’s attack.

Tear gas, sound bombs and rubber coated steel bullets were used against protestors. This tactic was used repeatedly to force protestors out of the Old City, located in the H2 district of Hebron, which is under full Israeli military control.

As the assault intensified, a small number of youth threw stones at the advancing military, although many were prevented from doing so by others in attendance.

The protest ended as local youth clashed with Israeli soldiers on the border between the H2 and H1 districts. H1 is under full control of the Palestinian Authority. Witnesses said that the Palestinian security forces stopped the Palestinian youth and did not allow journalists to re-enter the Old City to document events.