Local sources reported that clashes took place on Friday following noon prayers at the protest tent in Silwan town, in occupied East Jerusalem, as the local residents continued their protests against the ongoing violations and home demolitions. The protestors were attacked by the army and under-cover units of the army prompting clashes in the area.

Local youths blocked roads leading to the protest tent and hurled stones at the soldiers who fired dozens of gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets.

Under-cover units infiltrated the area and surrounded the protest tent before firing gas bombs at it, and withdrew from the area later on without being able to kidnap any resident due to the massive number of protesters.

On Friday evening, clashes erupted in Ras Al Ein and Al Bustan neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.

Protesters then blocked Al Thoury Road with burning tires and trash containers, and hurled stones at members of the Israeli Border Guard Units.

On Thursday, soldiers kidnapped four children (ages 13 – 15) in Silwan, and transferred them to interrogation centers. The four children were identified as Fadi Al Rajabi, Majdi Qa’qour, Mohammad Dweik and Firas Totanjy.

They four children are scheduled to appear, in coming days, at the Israeli Magistrates Court in the city on charges of throwing stones at the army.

Also on Thursday, soldiers kidnapped a 12-year-old Palestinian child from Silwan following clashes that took place between local residents and soldiers.
Clashes took place in different Jerusalem neighborhoods in Thursday, and were largely concentrated in Ras Al Amoud.

Furthermore, the Wadi Hilwa Information Center reported that soldiers hurled a gas bomb at a local shop in Silwan, and that seven children who were in the shop suffocated after inhaling gas, and were moved to local clinics.

Ten minutes later, the army returned to the scene and one of the soldiers hurled another gas bomb into the same shop.