As hundreds of residents marched, Monday, in the streets on Gaza City calling for an end to the internal Palestinian divisions and urging for unity, the Hamas-controlled Palestinian police and security forces detained six residents. This is the second day of protests by massive crowds in Gaza; the protest was organized by families of Palestinian political detainees imprisoned by Israel. Six residents were also detained by the police during the Sunday protest.

The protestors chanted for unity, and stated that the ongoing internal rifts and divisions between Hamas and Fateh are putting the Palestinian self-determination efforts on hold.

A number of local lawyers went to the Al Abbas Security Compound in an attempt to talk the officials into releasing the detainees, but were met by force, and were removed out of the building.

Later on, six of the detained residents were released after being ordered to sign a pledge that they will not participate in protests or hand out pamphlets without coordinating their activities with the police.