Tuesday, March 15, is the day set for massive popular protests in Palestine, a date set by a number of activist groups and the Youth for the End of Internal Divisions campaign. The protests and marches are scheduled to begin in Gaza, the West Bank and the 1948 territories on Tuesday by midday.

The campaign issued a statement calling on the Palestinian people to march peacefully carrying Palestinian flags and signs calling for national unity among all Palestinians and their factions.

The activities would include a series of peaceful processions and seminars in all of the occupied territories.

Massive processions will also be held on March 30, the day the marks the Palestinian Land Day.

The statement that was made by the coalition came as a result of coordination between different youth groups in Palestine, groups that seek unity, run and motivated by young Palestinians who want an end to political rifts and divisions.

More than 25 nongovernmental youth organizations in Gaza expressed support for the move, and to all efforts that aim at achieving national unity.

They issued a statement calling on the Palestinian people to support this move, to march carrying Palestinian flags and to chant for unity and for ending the Israeli occupation.

The youth groups said that March 15th will be a day of peaceful protests rejecting the ongoing internal divisions that have negatively impacted the just Palestinian cause, adding that the Palestinians will act to regain their unity.