Hamas spokesperson in the Gaza Strip, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, slammed the Ma’an News Agency for, what he called, “publishing false reports that proved it is biased towards the Fatah movement”. Ma’an responded to the allegations, reiterating attacks were carried out by Hamas security forces against Gaza protesters.Abu Zuhri added that the actions of Ma’an reflect its nature as “a tool in the hands of Fatah movement by publishing false reports that contradict reports published local and international media agencies’.

“Hamas is hereby accusing Ma’an of publishing lies”, Abu Zuhri stated. “We call on all media agencies to ensure accuracy, and be careful when dealing with news published by Ma’an”.

Responding to the statements of Abu Zuhri and the Government Media Office in the Gaza Strip, Ma’an said that it is really concerned about this response, adding that “a picture is better than a thousand words”, referring to pictures published by the al-Jazeera news showing the security forces attacking nonviolent protesters with batons while chasing them away.

Ma’an said that the security forces in Gaza torched protest tents, while civilian-clothed security personnel attacked the protestors and forced them out of the the Square of the Unknown Soldier in Gaza, where the main protest was held.

The Interior Minister in Gaza also said that the gathering at the square is illegal as it was not approved by his ministry, and called on the security forces to remove the protesters, Maan reported.

Al-Jazeera reporter, Tamer al-Mishal, stated on Tuesday evening that the security forces attacked and chased the protesters.