Israeli Ynet News reported that a Jewish man, member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council was stopped by a policewomen who racially profiled him as an Arab. The man described the act as racist. The Ynet said that, two weeks ago, Yoav Goldring was driving on Allenby Street when he was ordered to stop by an Israeli policewoman, and when asking her about the reason for stopping him she said in a cynical way that he has an Arab profile.

The City Council member objected to the statement of the policewoman and told her that what she said was racist, especially coming from a uniformed official.

Goldring sent a complaint to the Tel Aviv District Police commander stating that this actions demanding a disciplinary action against the policewoman for her racist remarks.

According to the Ynet, Police commander, Illan Mor, sent a reply to Goldring apologizing on behalf of the policewoman, and stating that she was reprimanded for her actions.