Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, Elyahu Yishai, decided on Thursday to prevent Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, head of the Higher Islamic Committee in Jerusalem, from leaving the country for six months. Yishai cited “security concerns” to defend his decision, adding that effective from March 13 Sabri will not be allowed to travel for six months.

Commenting on the decision, Sheikh Sabri said that such decisions were instated by regimes that ruled during dark ages of history, and now are used by a system of oppression and apartheid.

“Preventing me from leaving the country is a rejected decision, a decision that is unjust, violates human rights and freedom of speech”, Sabri stated. “This decision is based on lies, and represents the arbitrary conducts of Israel’s government”.

This is the second time Sheikh Sabri is denied his right to travel as he received a similar 6-months travel ban order last year.