Palestinian medical sources reported, Monday evening, that a 16-year-old Palestinian youth from Azzoun town near the northern West Bank of Qalqilia, was hospitalized after being violently attacked by Israeli soldiers stationed near Izbat Al Tabeeb, east of Qalqilia. Omar Omran Hussein, 16, suffered concussions and bruises to several parts of his body after being kicked and punched by the soldiers.

The Israeli Coordination Office informed its Palestinian counterpart that there is a resident who was injured in a traffic accident, but when Palestinian ambulances rushed to the area, they did not find any signs of an accident.

Eyewitnesses reported that after beating the youth, a military ambulance arrived at the scene and apparently took Hussein to an Israeli hospital. His location remains unknown until the time of this report.

An Israeli military spokesperson stated that the youth was arrested by the soldiers after he allegedly hurled stones at an Israeli military jeep driving on the main Nablus-Qalqilia Road.

The spokesperson added that soldiers “had to act after he refused to comply with their demands”, adding that Hussein was moved to an Israeli hospital.