Under the pretext of searching for international peace activists, Israeli soldiers and policemen invaded on Monday at dawn Bil’in village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, broke into and searched several homes. The Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, in Bil’in, reported that soldiers invaded the village approximately at 1:30 after midnight and broke into the homes of Ali Burnat and Khamis Fathi Abu Rahma.

Troops violently broke into the homes under the pretext of searching for international peace activists who participate in nonviolent protests against the Annexation Wall and settlements in the village.

The Committee said that soldiers prevented local reporters from performing their duty, and that the offensive against the village last for more than an hour.

Bil’in village plays an essential and a leading role in creative nonviolent resistance against the Wall and settlements.

Its activities started in 2004 and managed to garner a large international attention attracting hundreds of international and Israeli peace activists.

Israeli troops use excessive force against the popular nonviolent resistance in the village, and in several other West Bank villages and towns, inflicting hundreds of injuries and several deaths.