Israeli soldiers confiscated on Wednesday several agricultural tractors that belong to Palestinian residents on the Jordan Valley, and took them to a nearby illegal settlement. Local sources reported that the soldiers installed a number of roadblocks an stopped the tractors while the residents were heading to their agricultural lands.

Soldiers confiscated the tractors and loaded them onto military trucks before
moving them to a nearby illegal Israeli settlement.

Resident Khalid Al Masa’eed, from Al Jiftlik village, said that the army confiscated
at least ten tractors and took them to the Michola illegal settlement.

He added that most of the residents in the area are farmers and shepherds and use the tractors to bring water tanks for their lands and livestock.

The Jordan Valley area, the fruit basket of Palestine, has been under extensive
Israeli violations in recent years by being placed under siege and by preventing the farmers from attending their farmlands. Most of the agricultural and dairy products do not find their way to the rest of the West Bank.