Egyptian sources reported Wednesday that the new Egyptian government will host several Palestinian officials in Cairo in the coming few days. The talks will focus on efforts to achieve internal Palestinian unity. The sources said that the government will soon be sending invitations to officials and delegates to visit Cairo for talks.

The talks will be held separately with the Palestinian officials in an attempt to test the atmosphere and the readiness to put the differences between different factions aside.

The first invitation will be sent to Palestinian businessman, Moneeb al-Masry, and members of his reconciliation team.

The second invitation will be sent to delegates of the Islamic Jihad movement headed by Ramadan Shallah.

The third invitation will be sent to Hamas’ Political Bureau Chief in Syria, Khaled Mashal.

Representatives of other factions and public figures will also be invited later on.

Egypt said that the new efforts are part of the Egyptian mediation to end internal rifts between different Palestinian factions, mainly Fateh, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.

Part of the talks will be on the latest Israeli military escalation and the Israeli threats of a new war on Gaza.

This will mark the first diplomatic move conducted by Egypt towards Palestine since the removal of former President, Hosni Mubarak, and his government after the popular uprising in the country.