The Israeli Police arrested on Sunday evening Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in the 1948 territories. Sheikh Salah was taken prisoner at the Allenby Bridge while heading back home to Um Al Fahim Arab town following pilgrimage in Mecca.

The Police claimed that sheikh Salah obstructed the work of a security officer at the bridge.

The Islamic Movement slammed the arrest and stated that the police initially arrested Sheikh Salah, his wife, Dr. Suleiman Ighbariyya of the Isra’ Relief and Development Association, his wife, in addition to Jamal Rashid head, of the Al Aqsa Foundation and his wife. They were all released later on except for Sheikh Salah.

The movement said that Sheikh Salah and his wife were badly treated and were subject to illegal search.

It added that the security personnel at the terminal tried to strip-search the wife of Sheikh Salah, an issue that pushed him to object and to demand the army to show some respect by treat her in a humanitarian way.

Dr. Ighbariyya said that the army documented the arrest of Sheikh Salah, and was filming the whole process starting from the moment her crossed into the Israeli-controlled side of the terminal.

“This proves that the whole issue is premeditated”, Dr. Ighbariyya added, “The whole process of provocation against Sheikh Salah and his wife shows a planned illegal act”.