Israeli troops arrested on Tuesday morning seven Palestinian civilians among them two children during invasions targeting a number of West Bank communities.In Bethlehem city, southern West Bank, Israeli forces invaded Aida refugee camp and arrested Firas al-Haj, 27. Another youth, Malik Hassan, 20, was arrested when troops searched homes in Bethlehem city.

In Nablus, northern West Bank, Israeli troops arrested two Palestinian children during clashes between local residents and Israeli settlers. The clashes erupted when settlers tried to storm Joseph tomb near the city. Local sources identified one of the arrested children as Ahmad al-Sahilie, 16.

Medical sources said that a number of residents were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation when Israeli troops attacked residents during the clash with settlers. Later Israeli soldiers erected a checkpoint and the main entrance of Nablus and stopped people for leaving or entering the city, witnesses told local media.

Satying in northern West Bank, two Palestinian civilians were also arrested by Israeli soldiers during house to house search they did in Salfit city. Local sources said that Jihad Bani-Odeh, 20, and Amar Daraghma, 41, were taken by troops after searching their homes.

In Jericho city troops arrested one man after searching his house, local sources reported.