Cairo – PNN – Palestinian Sources announced on Tuesday afternoon that Palestinian factions have signed the national reconciliation deal in Cairo.According to sources a meeting took place with the participation of Khalid Mash’al from Hamas, Azzam al-Ahamd and Samier al-Rifa’ee from Fatah, in addition to Ramdan Shalah from the Islamic Jihad as well as Ahmad Jibriel from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – central command. Maher Al Taher from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine also attended the meeting.

From the Egyptian side, the Director of the Egyptian Central intelligence, Mohamed Ibraheem, was also present, the sources added. Azzam al-Ahamd of Fatah told the state run WAFA agency that all groups have signed the deal.

On Wednesday a celebration will be organized to announce the deal with the participation of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Egyptian sources reported that in addition to Arab leaders UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Catherine Ashton, EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy is among those invited for tomorrow declaration.

Hamas and Fatah have signed in Cairo last Wednesday the deal to end the division and achieve national unity. The Islamic movement Hamas is at loggerheads with Fatah, headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, since Hamas won the parliamentary elections in January of 2006. Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip ending months of bloody conflict with Fatah allied security forces. Egypt and other Arab countries attempts of reaching a reconciliation deal between the two largest Palestinian factions have failed so far.

According to internal sources the agreement will include the formation of a care taker government until elections take place in both the West Bank and Gaza.