The Higher Committee for Emergency and Medical Services in Gaza, issued a report on Israeli attacks and violations against the Gaza Strip in April, revealing that Israeli soldiers killed 23 Palestinians, including two children, and wounded 81. During the month of April, the army bombarded Gaza by air, sea and land mainly targeting civilian areas in a direct violation to the International Law and all treaties related to protecting the civilian population.

“In April, 23 Palestinians were killed by Israeli army fire, 19 of them were killed in three days (April 7 – 9).

The number of Palestinians killed in April is four times more than the number killed in April of last year”, the report stated.

The report revealed that two children and four elderly were killed by Israeli shells and missiles in April.

The number of Palestinians injured in the same month is 81, 65 of them were injured in three days (April 7 – 9).

33 of the wounded are children, 16 are women; these figures indicate that nearly %60 of the wounded in April are women and children.

Furthermore, one medic working for the Red Crescent was injured by a nail bomb fired by the army at his ambulance east of Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Another medic was injured when the army fired a shell at an area east of Gaza City; the medic and his team were trying to evacuate a wounded child.

The Higher Committee for Emergency and Medical Services in Gaza demanded the international community to ensure the protection of medical teams, and added that targeting medics and civilians is a direct violation to the international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.