The Hamas-led government in Gaza retracted, on Tuesday evening, a previous decision preventing Fateh leaders from leaving the Gaza Strip to attend an official meeting of the Fateh Revolutionary Council in the central West Bank city of Ramallah.In an interview with a radio program run by Maan News Agency, Amaal Hamad, deputy head of the Fateh’s Revolutionary Council, confirmed she was officially informed of the decision.

Earlier on Thursday, Hamad said that the Internal Security in Gaza initially prevented five members of the Revolutionary Council, including Amaal herself, from leaving Gaza via the Beit Hanound (Erez) Terminal.

The five were forced back despite mediation by different parties, including Egypt. Besides Hamad, the four other members who were not allowed to leave Gaza were identified as, Abdul-Hamid Al Masry, Mohammad An-Nahhal, Tahrir Al Haj, and Zeinab Al Wajeer.

They were only allowed to leave Gaza following extensive talks between Fateh and Hamas leaders in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and after mediation from Egypt.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian National Unity Agreement was officially signed by Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas of Fateh movement, and Hamas’ Political Bureau head, Khalid Mashal.