Prime Minister of the deposed government in Gaza, Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyya, stated that his government was made by the Prince of Qatar and the Egyptian leaders, and that the reconstruction will start as soon as possible.Haniyya said that there is an official commitment, especially from Qatar, to rebuild what Israeli destroyed during the war on Gaza.

The Hamas leader added that the Islamic Bank in Jedda wired $137 Million, that would be used in paving the roads, rehabilitating and constructing the sewage system, and for building schools.

He also said that international institutions, including the UNDP, do not accept to supervise any constructions if the materials used were smuggled through the tunnels, “But, after they found out that the people started the reconstruction process, it informed the government that it is willing to use these materials, the Arabs48 news website reported.

Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza work in the construction sector, but they are out of work due to the Israeli siege that left the Gaza Strip out of basic supplies, especially construction materials.

Haniyya said that 13.000 workers in Gaza are currently working in Gaza , and that his government pays a million USD to the needy families; this money comes from taxes on cigarettes, and smuggled fuels. It is also used to cover some of the costs of rehabilitating Gaza’s infrastructure.

He called on the new government to continue these project after it takes power.