Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, stated that Ankara supports Palestinian unity and the establishment of a Palestinian independent state, adding that Turkey will provide further support to the Palestinian Authority as soon as Gaza reconstructions starts. His statements came Wednesday on the sidelines of the fourth United Nations conferences on development in underdeveloped countries, in Turkey.

Davutoglu said that Turkey will continue to support the Palestinians and their cause, adding that the country supports the Palestinian agenda of ending the Israeli occupation and forming their national, independent state.

Palestine is participating in the conference that is attended by officials of 192 countries discussing development plans to help underdeveloped countries during the coming ten years.

Israel is currently leading a campaign to isolate the upcoming interim Palestinian government, as it will be born as the outcome of a unity deal signed between the Fateh and Hamas movement.

Several senior Israeli and US officials are also calling for isolating the government under the claim that the Hamas movement is a “terrorist group”.

Yet, US State Department Deputy, Mark Toner, said that the Obama administration is “looking to see what this reconciliation agreement looks like in practical terms, before Washington makes any decisions regarding future aid, Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported Monday.

Israel also claims it is waiting to see what the arrangements are between Hamas and Fatah under the new unity agreement before it releases the funds.

Several days ago, Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salam Fayyad, stated that his administration is unable to pay the wages of its some 150,000 employees due to Israel’s refusal to transfer Palestinian tax to the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Fayyad, stated that the P.A is in debt of 100 million USD from last year’s budget, and that that figure is increasing by 30 million USD per month as per this year’s budget.

Meanwhile, France announced a 10 million euro donation to the Palestinian Authority to help it cover the un-paid wages, and criticized the withholding of the funds by Israel.

French Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bernard Valero, said that the move was “detrimental to the reforms and the establishment of institutions put in place under the [Palestinian] authority’s President Abbas.”