Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, welcomed the Egyptian decision to permanently open the Rafah Border Terminal that links Gaza with Egypt. The movement’s media office issued a statement welcoming the Egyptian decision and stating that this decision is the outcome and the real expression of the Egyptian revolution, and also reflects the brotherly relations between the Egyptian and the Palestinian people.

“We consider this initiative as a brave and courageous act to break the siege on Gaza, and to end years of suffering inflicted on the Palestinian people”, the statement reads, “We hope that this decision will renew the bridges of cooperation and solidarity with the Palestinians, struggling to achieve their legitimate rights”.

Fawzi Barhoum, spokesperson of the Hamas movement, also issued a press release welcoming the Egyptian decision, considering it as part of Cairo’s important role in protecting the national interests of the Palestinian people”.

On Wednesday, Egypt officially decided to permanently open the Rafah Terminal starting this coming Saturday, May 28. The border crossing will only be closed on Fridays and national holidays. It will be functioning from 9am to 5pm.