A high ranking Palestinian leader has told Lebanon Daily Star newspaper that the June 5th march by Palestinian refugees will be postponed due to pressure from the Lebanese government.
The Daily Star report said that organisers of the march did not intend to unsettle Lebanese stability and was not concerned of the timing of the march.

The report claims that US Embassy to Lebanon put the Lebanese government under significant pressure to prevent the march.

Lebanese officials have held meetings with Palestinian leaders to encourage them to cancel moves to repeat the protests to Israel’s borders that occurred on Nakba Day this year and left 16 protesters dead.

Israel has threatened Lebanon and Syria in the run up to June 5th to prevent any repeat of the events of Nakba Day which Israel say were coordinated by resistance group Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and Hamas.

The Lebanese military were coordinating with UNIFIL forces on the ground on how best to contain refugees. The military had announced the area surrounding the border to be a closed military zone