The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank in conducting preparations to ask for official membership at the World Trade Organization (WTO), or at least an observer status in the current stage.The official Palestine News and Info Agency, WAFA, reported that Palestinian Economy Minister, Hasan Abu Libdeh, headed a meeting for the Ministry’s Technical Advisory Team in the central West Bank city, and instructed the team to conduct all needed preparations for this move.

This is the second meeting held recently in order to ensure Palestine is admitted as an observer at the WTO, if a full partnership was not possible in the current stage.

Abu Libdeh stated that having an observer status at the WTO is very beneficial for the Palestinians, especially amidst the ongoing efforts to establish an independent state, as this membership helps incorporate Palestine into the global economy.

WAFA said that the P.A has been seeking WTO membership since 2009, and is hoping that this year will mark the beginning of this partnership.