Palestinian Sources reported Monday that remnant of explosives dropped by the Israeli forces in previous invasions were located in Surra and Bazaria villages, west of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.The Palestinian Police said that villagers in Surra located the remnants and informed the police.

Members of the Explosives Engineering Unit arrived at the scene and defused the explosives. According to the Police, one of the remnants was an RPG shell.

Also, an object was found by a local resident in Bazaria village; the Engineering Unit arrived at the scene and defused it; the object was identified as an old bomb.

Director of the Police Force in Nablus, Omar Bazour, instructed the residents to be cautious and to stay away from unfamiliar objects, and to inform the authorities immediately after locating any suspicious objects.

Several Palestinians, including children, were killed and seriously injured when similar objects detonated near them.