There has been an outburst of violence between mourners of those killed at Israel’s border to Israel on Naksa Day and Palestinian resistance group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, according to reports at AFP.
AFP is reporting that 14 Palestinians from the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria have been killed by gunmen of the PFLP-GC during angry clashes prompted by the death of those killed at Syria’s border to Israel on Naksa Day.

Mourners, angry at what they believe was the GC’s manipulation of those killed for political gain, rushed PFLP-GC leaders during the funerals of the protesters. The group claimed that the GC encouraged those killed to put themselves in the firing line. The local PFLP headquarters were also burnt down according to witnesses.

Security officials have blamed the violence on elements from outside al Yarmouk.

Syrian media claim that 22 people were killed during the attempted march by Palestinian refugees across the Israeli border. The protest was part of the second such series of marches which called for the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes in what is now Israel.

On Nakba Day, 16 Palestinian protesters died after Israeli military forces opened fire on “right of return” marches in Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank and Syria.