Israeli human rights group B’T Selem and the Gaurdian UK have released a series of short films based on life for Palestinians living under the threat of eviction and dispossession in East Jerusalem.The series, titled “Living in Jerusalem; Six Voices” consists of six short films made by four Palestinians and two Israeli activists. The short clips discuss the situation for Palestinians in East Jerusalem communities such as Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah and the Muslim Quarter of the Jerusalem’s old city.

In Silwan video compiled by local resident Zuheir shows the community in the aftermath of the shooting of a local resident by a settler security gaurd. In Sheikh Jarrah, Muna and Muhammed document their experience of settlers moving into the family home under Israeli court order. While in the Old City, 14 year old Thaer Qirresh films how life has changed for him and his family with the introduction of settlers to the area.

The other clips follow Israeli Sheikh Jarrah activist Sarah Benninga from West Jerusalem, Israeli archaeologist Yoni and Palestinian Abd-al Fatah.…ctive