Hamas has rejected Fath’s proposal of Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad for the post of Prime Minister in the new interim government, according to Maan News Agency. Fayyad was selected by Fatah’s central committee to take on the position. Senior Hamas leader Salah Al-Bardawil has rejected Fatah’s proposal of Salam Fayyad for the post of Prime Minister in the new interim unity government. Hamas will not agree on Salam Fayyad as a prime minister, or even a minister in the upcoming unity government,’ Al-Bardawil said in a statement.

Hamas had expected the next PM to come from Gaza which would exclude Fayyad as a possibility.

The sides are due to have a final meeting on Tuesday to agree on the shortlist for the interim government positions.

The unity deal, signed in April, ended four years of feuding between the two sides. The agreement stated that a new government of independent technocrats would be agreed to lead the way for fresh elections, the first since 2006, in 2012.

Fayyad has served as PA Prime Minister since the split between Fatah and Hamas in 2007. During his four years in power he has been active in detaining Hamas members in the West Bank in collusion, Hamas claim, with the Israeli army. Hamas also blame Fayyad for plunging the PA into deep debt.

Internationally he has received praise for establishing state infrastructure in the Occupied Territories as well as his efforts at building a strong free market economy and challenging corruption. Palestinian leaders have been pressured to keep Fayyad on as PM in return for international aid.