According to local sources, several squadrons of Israeli soldiers invaded the Nablus region at around 2:30 am Wednesday morning, abducting 8 Palestinians from their homes.The soldiers invaded the villages of Ein Yabous and Beit Dajan, in the Nablus region, in the northern West Bank, breaking into homes and abducting Palestinians from their beds.

The two men abducted from Beit Dajan were identified as Zidan Khaled Abu Za’lan, 40, and Wa’el Tawfiq Hanini, 39. Abu Za’lan is a well-known lawyer in the West Bank.

From Ein Yabous, the troops abducted Muhammed Naser Addin Allam, and from Tubas village, the soldiers took Firas Ziaad Salem Sawafte, 27 and Samer Sameeh Ikhdeirat, 25, according to the Ma’an News Agency.

A statement by the Israeli military claimed that the abducted men were wanted by Israeli forces for unlisted charges. Over 1,000 Palestinians are currently being held in Israeli detention camps under ‘administrative detention’, in which they are held without charges for indefinite periods, usually for six months at a time.

Israeli invasions of Palestinian villages and towns take place on a nightly basis in different parts of the West Bank, usually involving dozens of soldiers, armored vehicles and jeeps.